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Nylon Coiled Hose


Nylon coiled tubing / hose is very flexible yet tough in nature. It has the spring action quality and always retracts back to its original shape. Flexible Nylon coiled tubing helps you keep your work area organized annd safe.

Our retractable coiled hose / tube can be fitted with the variety of tube fittings such as brass, MS, SS- swivel compression fittings along with spring guards. You can very easily use Push in fittings as well with our coiled air hoses.

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Technical Specification
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Coil Tube Size Working Length Wkg.Pressure
6mm x 4mm 2 mtrs to 20 mtrs 45 kg/cm2
8mm x 6mm 2 mtrs to 20 mtrs 30 kg/cm2
10mm x 8mm 2 mtrs to 15 mtrs 30 kg/cm2
12mm x 9mm 2 mtrs to 20 mtrs 30 kg/cm2
16mm x12mm 2 mtrs to 20 mtrs 25 kg/cm2
Salient Features

Resistant to abrasion and vibration

  • Pressure losses are low because of smooth internal surface.
  • Low weight as compared to rubber hoses.
  • Working Pressure upto 30 kg/cm2 and temperature upto 80 C
  • It is ideal for use with air tools, blow guns, impact wrenches and such pneumatic tools.
  • Best as trailer hose